Two Way Cake


For skin that enjoys breathing. The brand-new Daily Life Forever52 Skin Care Two Way Cake is here to help you with all of your oily skin issues. It will give you a matte, healthy appearance and shield you from harmful sun rays. This Satin Skin Powder is a godsend for folks with oily skin and a must-have for the season. It offers you the desired matte finish while also causing your skin to glow from within. The formula’s small weight results in a delicate, silky finish. The long-lasting product keeps your face looking fresh for hours, while the superior coverage helps to hide any little flaws. Choose satin matte this season!


  • Formula with two creams
  • Offers a finish that is devoid of grease and cakey.
  • Long-lasting, smooth, and water-resistant formula
  • Provides outstanding coverage
  • Provides a consistent skin tone

How to Use:

Use the included sponge applicator to apply the powder evenly on your face. For even coverage, blend it with smaller circular motions.


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