Stroke Gel Brow


With Daily Life Forever52’s Stroke Brow Gel, a buildable, fiber-infused brow gel, you can achieve full, voluminous-looking brows. This hybrid wax-gel product binds to brown hair, combs it into position, and deposits fibers that resemble hair for fuller-looking brows that WOW!
The new gel, which has an impressive grip and gives you that huge, brushed-up look, keeps your brows in place all day.
You’ll gain from a soft, flexible end product that appears natural but is polished thanks to the addition of Coconut Butter and Glycerin.


  • Eyebrow grooming gel that makes brows appear thicker and more controlled.
  • Has a hybrid wax-gel composition that lays down fibers that resemble hair.
  • Defines and shapes brows.
  • Free of hazardous compounds like phthalates and parabens.
  • This item is both vegan and non-cruelty.

How to Apply:

  • Apply gel as a topcoat or on its own to brow powder or pencil.
  • Start from the inner corner and move upward while following the arch.


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