Ikonic Pro 2100+ Hair Dryer


Experience the Ikonic Pro 2100+ Hair Dryer’s strength and performance. A low noise function in the design guarantees a calm style experience. You may direct the airflow to particular locations with the two replaceable nozzles, producing accurate and expert results. You can easily make a variety of hairstyles with the three heat, two speed, and cool shot settings. The flexible cord’s length of 10 feet allows you mobility while styling. With the built-in overheat protection system, safety is of the utmost importance, offering you peace of mind during prolonged use. Make a statement with your hairstyle by using the Ikonic Pro 2100+ Hair Dryer.


Low Noise mode: The Ikonic Pro 2100+ Hair Dryer has a low noise mode that makes it possible to style hair in peace and quiet without causing any unneeded commotion.

With its two interchangeable nozzles, this hair dryer’s adjustable nozzles let you direct the airflow to different locations for precision styling and control.

With three heat settings, two speed settings, and a cool shot option, you can adjust the airflow and temperature to match the type of hair you have and the style you want.

The hair dryer has a generous 10-foot flexible cord that is lengthy and flexible enough to allow for easy maneuvering and freedom of movement when styling.



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