Forever52 Super Volume Lengthening Mascara


Forever52 Super Volume Lengthening Mascara



The Daily Life Super Volume & Lengthening Mascara You may get all-access to the sexiest lashes with Forever52! Your natural lashes become more intense quickly with this headline mascara. In addition to strengthening and enhancing your lashes, its deep black hue instantly draws attention to your eyes. Its special formula has ingredients that lengthen the lashes, giving them an amazing volume lift and curve, giving the appearance of fake lashes, which makes the eyes appear larger, brighter, and more appealing. The tornado brush’s primary functions are to lift, separate, and stretch lashes for very thick lashes.


  • Nourishes and fortifies the lashes
  • Perfect application with a special Tornado brush!
  • Extremely full brush that accentuates and defines lashes
  • Mascara that is volumizing, lengthening, and long-lasting


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