Forever52 Miracle Liquid Eyeliner


Greetings from lovely eyes! Everyday existence To achieve the perfect eye look, all you need is Forever52’s Miracle Liquid Eyeliner. This sophisticated liner applies flawlessly along the lash line, making you look amazing! Its highly pigmented formula produces a rich color payoff, and its vivid color lasts for a long time. Everyday existence The Miracle Liquid Eyeliner from Forever52 applies smoothly on your eyelids and provides flawless definition. With its precise brush tip, this eyeliner is a makeup artist’s essential for creating a dramatic, classic look. Its smooth, flawless finish can be achieved with ease.


  • Tested through dermatology.
  • Simple to use.
  • Delivers a bold, smudge-proof color without flaking.

How to apply:

After dipping the applicator into the Miracle Liquid Eyeliner, scrape out any excess, and make little dashes from the inner to the outer corner, smooth and thicken them by pulling back over them.



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